Libba Bray is a genius

I love this post so much I want to print it out and pin it up on my wall.

This is just an excerpt but I really recommend reading the whole thing:

“There are people who will tell you that there is a manual for life. That you must insert Tab A into Slot B and paint it Robin’s Egg Blue from the Pottery Barn Perfect Colors Wheel™ and pair it with the Showroom Model Pilates-Toned I’m Fabulous line, as if life were one big resume building workshop. They are wrong, Fiona. They were wrong then, and they are wrong now, and none of that stuff matters. It is not rooted in anything real. You must learn to plant your own roots in soil that nurtures them.

Somehow, I feel that all of this over-prepping is a response to a world that feels frightening and unstable and incomprehensible to many adults. It IS a frightening, unstable world. But a degree from Harvard will not insulate you from the world’s pain and uncertainty and sudden losses. Though it’s hard, welcome these, too, Fiona. They are also a valuable part of your education. They will make you stronger. It will hurt like hell at the time and you will dearly wish for the Kaplan Sure-Fire Answer C to make it all go away. There is no Answer C. Remember what I said about bending, Fiona.”


12 thoughts on “Libba Bray is a genius”

  1. how? did you downloud the song?? I wanr it to ;#
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  2. omg i love the? font at teh beginnig where did u get it
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