My New Project

It is official! I have now proclaimed myself my dad’s publicist! Mwahahahaha! I have such plans. I only hope I am not thwarted in realizing them. As my first publicistic (is that actually a word?) action I have signed my father up for Goodreads which–can you believe it?– I had never heard of before. You should all check it out. It seems like a brilliant resource for writers, both published and unpublished, as well as a great place to pimp one’s books. You can see his profile here:

If you’re already on Goodreads then please, by all means, friend him. If not you can head over there to read an excerpt from his novel, The Undiscovered Island.

I will try to post more updates soon, as I have many things to talk about, but, as usual, I am behind in everything at the moment.

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