Please note: Between ongoing health issues and transition, it’s been awhile since I performed or recorded anything. Right now I’m working on relearning how to sing in a register that’s about an octave lower than I’m used to. I’m confident I’ll get there eventually.

In May 2010 I went to Portugal with my dad Darrell Kastin to record our first CD of original Portuguese songs, Mar Portugues. Set to traditional Portuguese poetry, all the music was written by my dad and produced by the acclaimed Portuguese folk troubadour Pedro Barroso. We also collaborated with a number of fine Portuguese musicians on accordion, cello and Portuguese guitar. Mar Portugues was released in January of 2011 and is available on cdbaby and amazon. Check out my dad’s website and my myspace for more information and to listen to some sample songs.

Lullabies For Sinners is Darrell Kastin’s debut cd and features me on vocals. It’s a mix of original folk and blues songs. It came out in in 2007 and is available through cdbaby and amazon. Check out my dad’s myspace and website for more info and to listen to some sample songs.

2 thoughts on “Music”

  1. Shawna, Once again, I have just listened to and devoured your CD, Portuguese Sea. I have fond memories of the times you performed at the Key of C. You were my most favorite!

    Thank you, again.


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