New Book Coming Out!

Just wanted to pop back on here and share that my story “Bastian and the Beast” will be coming out in the queer monster anthology, WE MOSTLY COME OUT AT NIGHT on May 21! This is the anthology that was previously called QUEER BEASTIES, for anyone wondering. My story is a queer retelling of Beauty and the Beast. We’re going to be doing some online events next week to celebrate if anyone wants to check them out.

Toward the left of the image on a purple background is a book, standing and partially open, with its cover showing a silhouetted devilish figure perched on a branch between a pair of tall, bare trees. Below, two femme-presenting figures hold hands, gazing up with glowing eyes. An ambient red light radiates, but disappears into darkness at the treetops. The title, centered among the figures reads "WE MOSTLY COME OUT AT NIGHT. 15 QUEER TALES OF MONSTERS, ANGELS & OTHER CREATURES. EDITED BY ROB COSTELLO." Text to the right reads, “ONLINE LAUNCH CELEBRATION! WE MOSTLY COME OUT AT NIGHT, 15 QUEER TALES OF MONSTERS, ANGELS, & OTHER CREATURES. Featuring Contributors: Shae Carys, Rob Costello, H.E. Edgmon, Michael Thomas Ford, Val Howlett, Sarah Maxfield, Merc Fenn Wolfmoor, & more! Wednesday, May 22 @ 8:00 PM EDT. Hosted by R(EV)ISE & SHINE!” An outline of a townhouse in the left corner floats above the text “RP KIDS” and in the right corner is a small open book with a sun shining behind and the words R(ev)ise and Shine!”

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