In Which I Am Amazed By The Awesomeness Of My Friends

Back in high school my best friend Sophie Green and I wanted to be actresses. Oh yeah. We took drama classes, auditioned for plays, became members of the Thespian Society and nursed dreams of wildly successful careers on stage and film. I even briefly entertained dreams of being a film director, only in my case I realized I was too much of a control freak to ever survive life in the performing or cinematic arts, so I started turning back to my other great love, writing, where I could happily control everything to my heart’s content. Sophie, however, went on to study theatre in college and when she graduated moved down to LA to pursue her dreams.

About a month ago she contacted me to tell me about this amazing new film project she and her friends were doing. Tired of waiting around for jobs to find them they decided to create an interactive film-making organization called Finite Films that draws on audience participation to set the parameters for a short film which they will then write and produce themselves.

This is how it works: Anyone can submit a one sentence constraint (ie. “One character must hate fish sticks” or “Must begin in a graveyard”). They pick 21 of these constraints to narrow it down and then anyone can vote on which ones to include in the actual film. The top 7 constraints set the groundwork for a short film which they will then produce and which will be featured on their website. They also have a ton of production videos you can watch to keep track of their progress.

How amazing is that? Artists taking art into their own hands instead of relying on an often fickle industry! Artists drawing inspiration from their audience! It makes me so happy and just reinforces how amazing my friends are. Seriously. Please check out their killer website and watch their first film You Are Here. And do go ahead and participate. You will be amazed.

Finite Films: finite-films.com

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