I have a job!

I just filled out the official paperwork today and will turn it in tomorrow. I can’t believe it! I am working part time at the local children’s bookstore! I’m not sure how much they’ll need me as the owner already has a lot of help from her friends and family. She will definitely need me for the holidays though and when she’s out of town. I had my first day of training last friday and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I got to scan books into the computer system and help out customers. I had this moment when I remembered being very small and playing store with my books and my toy cash register. It was one of my favorite games. It’s weird to have come full circle like that.

I always thought I would be too shy/scared to work in a store and deal with people, but I’ve found on the rare occasions in which I have worked with the public, handling money, etc, the experience has elevated me to a state of delirious happiness. I think it’s because I feel more confident afterwards, like I could handle anything. When I expect to fail (and I usually expect to fail with most things) and I don’t I find that the fear leaves me, replaced by a sense of strength and pride because I did what I thought was impossible. Anyway, it’s odd. Maybe I don’t know myself as well as I think I do. Or maybe I just seriously underestimate myself. Ask me again in a few weeks and maybe I will despise all retail work, lol. But for now I am happy. I work in a children’s bookstore you guys! I have an income! OMG! I am surrounded by the awesomest books in the world!

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