Of Goblins and Sketchy Come-ons

My poem “Said the Satyr to the Wood Nymph” was accepted into the Spring 2011 issue of Goblin Fruit! I’m quite pleased about this as I wrote this particular poem with them in mind. Now I just need to figure out how to do an audio recording of it that doesn’t make me flee the room. Why is it so hard to listen to one’s own recorded voice?

Someone, a very sketchy someone, sent me a message on facebook today: Just browsing. You are beautiful, the face of EAP’s Lenore. Got to say hello. Give me a reason to get back to you.

Ummm, I guess I’m supposed to feel grateful that a sketchy stranger deigned to compare me to the rare and radiant angel whom the angels name Lenore and message him back right away with torrid outpourings of my undying affection. Or not. Oh Edgar, the internet is indeed a strange place.