Happy Thoughts!

Technically, I am supposed to be resting my hands, but I really wanted to write about something cheerful and happy, lest you all think my livejournal a place of sorrow and self-pity 😉 So! I am very excited about this MFA program. I spoke to the disability coordinator last week and she was encouraging and friendly. I felt so much better after talking to her, as she thought my accommodations were quite reasonable and no big deal really. Everyone I have talked to from that school has been so welcoming. It’s remarkable. I’ve never met these people in my life but they make me feel like I belong. And, perhaps even more thrilling, they all enjoy books for children and young adults. I admit that I often feel embarrassed about admitting my reading and writing preferences because, dammit, you never know if people are going to look down their noses at you. Silly them. So, yes, very excited am I.

Also, I found out that both Holly Black and Gregory Maguire will be visiting writers at the residency this summer! I was so hoping they would pick someone I knew of and lo! They have outdone themselves. After years of almost meeting Holly Black (meeting her best friend Steve Berman at a reading of Vintage in SF and yetiherd working for her husband) I will finally get the opportunity to make a fool of myself in her presence. I cannot wait! I am going to take books, people, and hope that they will sign them. I am going to say thank you for making faeries cool to readers other than myself after years of trying to explain to my schoolmates why I carried Brian Froud and Alan Lee’s Faerie book with me everywhere, mwahahaha.

I will try to write more anon as I have just returned from recording more songs, but, alas, my hands! I needs must find new ones. Oh and I cannot wait for people to hear some of these songs! They are gorgeous!

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