An Interview with Darrell Kastin

It seems I have been remiss in my duties as publicist and forgot to post about this Q&A my dad did with Tamara Sellman on Writer’s Rainbow.


An excerpt:
“Whether I’m writing a short story or a novel my writing process is like dredging up an artifact from a deep murky bog, or better yet chipping away at one encased in some kind of material that has become like rock. I chip away at what is visible, and believe I am seeing the complete artifact hidden beneath. Yet further digging reveals there is more, and more. It is this continual process of digging and bringing up new aspects of the story that for me keeps me guessing, as well as surprised by what I find. But it is also frustrating, in that, like I said, it sometimes takes many years until the entire story or novel is whole. I’ll get ideas after years of working on something, and ask myself, why the hell didn’t I think of this before?

I enjoy novel writing as well as writing short stories. And I enjoy reading both. I’m hard to please when it comes to reading either, but particularly short stories. I want something to happen, but I don’t want to know what will happen; I want characters I can believe in. I like humor, too. There’s nothing like a perfectly wrought short story, like the stories of Miguel Angel Asturias or Twain, or Tommaso Landolfi, Dino Buzzati, John Collier, Shirley Jackson, Saki, Peter S. Beagle or Angela Carter at their best.”


Darrell Kastin to present new novel & music at Hannon Library

Darrell Kastin, Ashland author and musician of Azorean descent, will discuss and read from his recently published novel, The Undiscovered Island. The free program will include a performance of music composed by the author for Portuguese poetry. The event will take place in the SOU Hannon Library’s Meese Meeting Room (LIB305) on Thursday, February 4, at 4 pm. A book signing will follow. For information call 541-552-6835.

I will be singing! Yay! I will try not to panic at the possibly large number of people in the audience. Hmmm, I wonder if we can get someone to record it, too…