The New York Times Book Review

Exciting news all and sundry! There is an ad for my dad’s book The Undiscovered Island in the New York Times Book Review all month! It looks lovely and already there seem to be more sales on amazon.com. It actually got to around 16,000 at one point today. I’m quite pleased about this as I’ve been running out of book promotion ideas (some publicist I am). The problem is so much of the things I could be doing should have been done months before the book was ever published, but my dad’s publisher is severely disorganized and didn’t know when the book would be published until the last moment. Lol, he didn’t even get an advance. The advance was sent after publication, making it a what exactly? In other words, the whole thing was handled rather poorly and it’s left me feeling helpless. I’m not sure what else to do at this point. Review copies have been sent to many places. Ads have been placed. The internet has been utilized. Please let me know if I’m missing something. He’s going to do a reading at the local bookstore here and we’re doing a joint music performance/reading/presentation at the university library. I’m working with a web designer to revamp his website. I wish I knew some online blogs that might do a book review or interview, but all the blogs I know about are for YA books. Oh well, best keep trying.

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